Would you marry someone you just met? Probably not. The same goes in business. Asking customers to purchase high ticket programs requires a certain level of trust and commitment – and building some of the most intimate business relationships you’ll have, outside of your own personal relationships. Learn how to market yourself so you are building relationships that set you apart from the competition.

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:
  • The dating process is a lot like the selling process.
  • The biggest mistake you can make in sales is to ask someone to buy something before you build a relationship them
  • There are 5 stages in a funnel
  • Research your ideal prospect before engaging with them, get to know them and identify the specific criteria that make them a better fit than someone else.
  • You’ve got to be open to showing yourself, your personality, and how you interact with people through video. 
  • Be cognizant that you are always creating and deepening relationships 
  • Avoid buyer’s remorse by showing authenticity and being trustworthy
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Hustling less and making more money depends on over-delivering on your offerings and creating an experience and forgetting about pricing mind drama. Having confident sales conversations is one way to do this, and that’s why I developed the Get To Yes Faster! Masterclass. This fast, interactive class will change your sales conversations forever. My sales strategy is to give my people TONS of value before asking them to “marry me”, so check out my website for lots more resources.  And, if you enjoy the podcast episode, please subscribe and rate it for me!  Much Thanks!