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This is your personal invitation to the
VIP Business Accelerator Experience

I really get it, you didn't go into business to become a "professional sales person"

When I am working with women entrepreneurs, there comes a time when they take a deep breath and relax as they realize that I am not going to try to turn them into pushy, high-energy sales slickers (you know the kind I'm talking about).

Every single one of them is looking for a way to feel really good about promoting themselves and their businesses. They want to do it in a way that feels authentic; that highlights their deep desire to make a positive impact on people's lives.

That, my friend, is what I'm all about!

Don't mistake calm, feminine selling energy for having a lack of direction.
The VIP Business Accelerator is all about us putting our heads together and customizing your Success Plan. I want you to have a "North Star" to follow for the next 12 months. Something that will guide you along a path of becoming more visible, engaging with your ideal client with authentic value, and ultimately filling your calendar with clients you love working with.


During our time together, you will...

Take a deep dive into your Ideal Client Profile. This isn’t a simple marketing avatar you are building; this is a deep psychological profile that will help you understand how they move through the stages of the “buyer’s journey”.

Create your Sales and Marketing Messages based on what will connect with your ideal client most and move them into action. We will define the three differentiating themes and supporting statements within that will leave your people saying, “She knows me!”

Identify a Revenue-Generating Plan for the next 6 months that will eliminate all your questions about how to achieve your money goals. This includes revisiting your current offers and pricing to package them in a way that will be irresistible the clients you want to attract.

Complete one Core Funnel identifying all activities necessary to nurture your ideal client through their buyer’s journey and create a consistent flow of cash into your business.

You will have 4-hours of Susan's undivided attention, and leave with your completed Success Plan for the next 6 months

You will invest $997 to do this work with me.

But, OPT-IN BY June 5th
and receive the bonuses below:

PLUS: Two Week FREE Trial to Unstoppable Women in Business Success Collaborative . . . our flagship program that has helped countless women implement their revenue generating strategy alongside Susan and the other cohort members. (Value $500)

PLUS: FREE Copy of OH SH*T, I'm in Sales? AND . . . a self-paced masterclass on how to use Susan's proprietary mindset model that will change the way you look at sales forever! (Value $297)

PLUS: 1-year license to Business Made Simple University - Donald Miller of StoryBrand has become a preferred partner of Unstoppable Women in Business. BMSU is a compilation of courses that cover every aspect of how to grow your business using a proven framework that guarantees success! (Value $275)



Soooooo...... since you are paying $997 for the program,
I'm actually paying YOU to work with me!!!

Sister, this offer will not be extended past March 30th.
No joke!!

VIP Business Accelerator
One-on-One Strategy Sessions with Susan

A strong business is built on a solid foundation. One that is clear and runs on repeatable processes and activities.

If you’ve been “throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it would stick”, you are in the right place.

There is work to be done, and Susan is here to inject her expertise and coaching skills to make sure you are in the best position to succeed.

“What an incredible session we had. Your ability to phrase, clarify and really move my thinking to the next level truly blew my mind. I so look forward to implementing all of what you outlined. This is fantastic work.”

Hi I'm Susan

I'm the founder of Unstoppable Women in Business and also an international speaker, coach, podcaster and author!
I dedicate my time and efforts to eradicating the phrase “I hate sales” from the vocabulary of women business owners. The Success Collaborative - my flagship, hybrid coaching program - is my pride and joy. I focus my time on creating customized Success Roadmaps for each member and then invite them into an intimate community of like-minded peers to implement their plans and watch their revenues soar.

What an honor it would be to meet you! Don't be a stranger.

Susan Trumpler Marketing and Sales Coach