I’ve often wanted to change the phrase, “I’m going to a networking event”, to something closer to this, “I’m going out to build my community”.  Networking has a negative connotation, raising the image of people shoving business cards at each other and perfecting their elevator pitch.

 Today’s networking events (especially the right ones) are more about understanding the person in front of you – who are they, what do they stand for, what makes them trustworthy and someone you want to spend time with.  When you are taking the time to build a community of people you like being around and WANT to refer, you know you are “doing networking” right.

 That is exactly what drew me to Carlyn Bushman of Carlyn Bushman Consulting.  I met Carlyn in a networking event for a group we both are members of.  I was immediately drawn to her because of her curiosity and warm demeanor.  On today’s episode, Carlyn is going to share her best tips for how to create a network that is valuable.  She’s got some great insights for you and is well worth the listen!

 Your network (or community) should be a consistent source of new clients for you IF you take note of Carlyn’s tips and put them into practice!  If you want to connect with Carlyn, you can find her at: https://www.carlynbushmanconsulting.com – while you are there, take advantage of her great free resources too!


 If you are ready to take your business to the next level, but haven’t been making the traction you like, reach out for a quick conversation about how you can become an Unstoppable Woman in Business!! I would love to hear from you!  email me at: susan@uwibusiness.com