Does this sound familiar? You’re an entrepreneur seeking a business coach to take your company to the next level. But maybe you’ve considered hiring the first coach you come across, thinking any coach is better than none. However, taking this ineffective action couldleave you feeling frustrated and stuck, unable to achieve the results you desire.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unmask critical elements you need to contemplate when pulling in a business coach.
  • Comprehend the art of distinguishing your business phase- Is it in build, grow or scale phase, and which coach fits each phase the best?
  • Get insights into which coach fits you personally.  Are you still in “expert” mode, or are you a full blown CEO managing a team. 
  • Identify the significance of different coaching styles such as blueprint/system-oriented, specialist, and strategic coaching.
  • Appreciate why the right fit matters when it comes to a fulfilling and effective coaching relationship.

“Finding a coach whose style aligns with your needs is a critical success factor when making this important decision.” – Susan Trumpler

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Business Coach
When selecting a coach, it’s essential to consider their expertise in relation to your business stage, their alignment with your personal growth level, and their coaching style. Taking these factors into account ensures you find a coach who can effectively guide you and provide valuable insights aligned with your business needs and aspirations.

The resources mentioned in this episode are: