I was recently asked what the best way to make an offer is, whether it’s on the stage or in a one-on-one setting. And to be honest, there really isn’t a huge difference. This podcast dives into what makes an offer and how to have a successful sales conversation that starts with confidence and ends with making the sale. 

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  • The pivotal moment in a sales conversation is the offer.
  • Self-centered thoughts around making an offer become palpable and they shift your emotions from confident and connected to fearful and anxious.
  • Changing your perspective can make all the difference when thinking about making an offer
  • There are 3 components to a sales offer: what’s included, the investment and the ask
  • Focus on how you can bridge the gap between where the client is now and where they want to be
  • The difference between price and investment.
  • A proper call to action is more like an invitation to receive an amazing gift.
  • How to confidently ask for business.

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