In this episode, Kimberly Crowe, founder of Speakers Playhouse, the premier speakers networking group, shares her wealth of knowledge on how different speaking stages can significantly boost your brand and business. Kimberly, with her signature warmth and wisdom, breaks down the four key types of speaking stages that every aspiring speaker should know about.

Key points: 

  • Get insights on platforms where you share your expertise and, in return, attract interest in your products or services. 
  • The world of paid speaking gigs, where you get paid for your knowledge and skills.
  • Authority stages, such as TEDx talks, which might not pay or allow direct selling but significantly boost your credibility.
  • Rehearsal stages that are excellent for refining your message, honing your delivery, and building confidence.

Throughout the episode, Kimberly emphasizes the importance of being well-prepared. She advises having a speaker one-sheet, which outlines your speaking topics and credentials, and a sizzle reel, a highlight video showcasing your speaking prowess. These tools are crucial in marketing yourself to event organizers and securing speaking gigs.

In summary, Kimberly offers invaluable insights and practical advice for leveraging different speaking stages to build your brand, boost your credibility, and grow your business. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just starting out, her guidance will help you navigate the speaking world with confidence and success.

Free Resources Offered in this Episode

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Find Kimberly here: https://speakersplayhouse.com 

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