LinkedIn Essentials for 2024 with Sue Gresham, LinkedIn Strategist

Today we are going to demystify the evolving landscape of LinkedIn for 2024. This conversation is a treasure trove for small business owners, coaches, and consultants looking to leverage the platform for professional growth and networking.  In this insightful episode of the She Boss Cafe podcast, host Susan Trumpler welcomes Sue Gresham, famously known as […]

Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business – Using NLP to Create Lasting Transformation

Get ready to revolutionize both your personal growth and your business with our latest podcast episode of “Grow You, Grow Your Business,” featuring the incredible Karilee Wirthlin from NLP Marin.  In this enlightening conversation, Karilee pulls back the curtain on how integrating Transformational NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can catapult you and your business to new heights.  […]

How to Avoid the Hustle Culture with Meredith Vaish, Pause Box

Join us today for an enlightening conversation with Meredith Vaish, a Clarity Coach and guru of intuitive leadership who’s redefining the entrepreneurial grind. In this episode, she peels back the layers of hustle culture and guides us towards a more fulfilling, golden zone of doing business.  Let’s break down the key takeaways: The Hustle Hangover: […]

How to Move From Depleted to Dynamic with Susan Crews

Join this week for an inspiring conversation with Susan Crews, The Radiant Soul Sister. Susan dives into her invaluable tips for transitioning from a depleted state to dynamic vitality sharing three tips from her Energy Blueprint: Mind: Embrace a gratitude practice to shift your mindset from negative to positive, fueling a dynamic energy. Body: Integrate […]

Automation is Sexy with Susie Moon

In this episode of the She Boss Cafe podcast, Susie Moon from Susie Moon Consulting takes center stage, blending her talents as a stand-up comedian with her expertise as an online business manager. The result? An entertaining and insightful discussion on how to “Make Automation Sexy” for your business. Insights on Automation: Susie dives headfirst […]

Create a Master Plan for 2024

Welcome to a pivotal episode of the She Boss Cafe podcast, where we unravel the secrets of goal setting and personal transformation. As we approach the year’s end, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on past achievements and pave the way for a thriving 2024. In this deep-dive episode, we introduce you to a comprehensive […]

How to SHINE When the Spotlight is on You!

We’ve got a treat for you in this She Boss Cafe Podcast episode.  We’re chatting it up with the one and only Claudio Sennhauser, the presentation guru. Whether you’re facing a live audience or rocking the virtual stage, Claudio’s got the tips and tricks to make you a presentation powerhouse. We’ll dive into everything from […]

The Evolution of Your Business Brand

Welcome to the SheBoss Cafe Podcast, where we believe that being a SheBoss is not just a title; it’s a way of life. In this episode, Susan Trumpler, the host of Unstoppable Women in Business, sits down with branding expert Teresa from Wilmot Designs to explore the transformative journey of rebranding. Discover the ins and […]

Celebrating Your New Business Oasis

In this inaugural episode of the She Boss Cafe Podcast, we’re raising the curtain on our exciting rebrand and inviting you to join us in our thriving entrepreneurial oasis. Hosted by Susan Trumpler, owner of Unstoppable Women in Business, here’s what you’ll find: 🚀 **A Journey Unveiled:** Susan takes you on a captivating journey through […]

End the Niche Drama with special guest Todd Howard

On today’s episode you will meet Todd Howard, the founder of Grow a Niche Business. Todd has spent a significant part of his career helping businesses identify and develop unique products. He used this experience to create a 5-step framework that helps entrepreneurs uncover their most satisfying niche. Your niche is your sweet spot. There’s […]