What is Web 3.0 and Why You Should Care

IWhat is Web 3.0 My guest on this episode of Unstoppable Women in Business podcast is Linda Albright from Womens Wealth Revolution and she is helping us navigate the world of Web 3.0.  If you haven’t heard, Web 3.0 is the next big shift coming in the exciting evolution of technology.  Linda will help us […]

Five Most Common Mistakes on Your Sales Page

How can you develop a sales page that moves people into action? You don’t want people to abandon it in under 30 seconds, right? Today you will hear about the Top 5 Mistakes that I’ve seen on sales pages  – the kinds of things that block them from being as effective as they should be – […]

How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur

My guest today, Laura Valvasori, wasn’t always an entrepreneur.  In 2013 Laura left the comfort of Corporate America to go out on her own and found she wasn’t completely prepared for the transition.  There was some shifts she needed to make that took time and weren’t necessarily easy. Laura’s a smart lady – – she […]

How Valuable is Your Network?

I’ve often wanted to change the phrase, “I’m going to a networking event”, to something closer to this, “I’m going out to build my community”.  Networking has a negative connotation, raising the image of people shoving business cards at each other and perfecting their elevator pitch.  Today’s networking events (especially the right ones) are more […]

Stop Saying I HATE SALES!

Come on Woman!  It’s time to stop saying I HATE SALES! It’s time to stop saying that sales makes you feel “pushy” or “sleazy”!  Your business depends on it! When you declare how much you hate sales, your brain believes you.  The primitive part of your brain is there to keep you safe and happy […]

Recipe For Consistent Business Growth

More Info So if I asked you this question what does your sales process look like? I might get a lot of  blank stares – sales process is not really terminology that women business owners – small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs use very often. I could ask it another way  — Hey – do  you […]

Insider Tips on How to Get Top-Tier Media Attention

Have you imagined yourself on the cover of Oprah Magazine, or SHAPE?  Do you want to be the person who is interviewed about your specialty on Good Morning America?  My dream is to be a contributing author in INC magazine! The truth is that these are VERY achievable goals and on today’s episode, Allie Martin […]

SEO Made Easy or How to Make Google Your BFF

I have been running Unstoppable Women in Business for 4 years now.  When it comes to paying attention to SEO my thought was that I was too small, too young, that it just didn’t matter that much for me to take the time to focus on it. Was I ever wrong! Lorraine Ball from Digital […]

What You Want More Of and HOW to Get It

When Susan’s coach asked her this week “what do you want MORE of, Susan?”, it didn’t take her long to blurt out DEEPER RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s not a coincidence why this was at top of mind for her- but the question cascaded into some deep thinking about what is important in life and if she wants […]

Secrets to Hiring the BEST EVER Virtual Assistant

As your business grows, so will your team! Or, is it the other way around? If you don’t become skilled in hiring team members, your business growth will actually be slower.  But, how do you find the right people that will compliment your business and add value quickly? Today’s guest, Talmar Anderson from BOSS ACTIONS […]