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Susan Trumpler Business and Marketing Coach

Breakthrough Business Roadblocks. Stop Worrying About Money. Rediscover Why You Went Into Business in the First Place.

Unstoppable Women in Business

A 6-month hybrid coaching program for courageous women to unleash their inner CEO without sacrificing their sanity.

I'm in!

Your journey CAN start May 1

“I love knowing
EXACTLY how to reach my revenue goals now...

When I first reached out to Susan, I was frustrated and tired from the hustle I was experiencing trying to bring in enough revenue to justify our business overheads. What she quickly helped me understand is that we were selling a commodity product instead of a valuable solution to a bigger problem.

In no time, we created a premier solution and tripled our average deal sizes. Then she helped us create confident sales conversations and a smooth process that made it easy for our customers to say yes.

When I set my revenue goals this year, I loved the confidence that I felt knowing exactly how we were going to accomplish that goal. As a matter of fact – I believe, with Susan’s guidance, we will exceed the goal easily!”

Natasha M

Imagine a thriving business that can support you and your family without doing all the things like...

What if i told you your ideal client is closer than they appear…

And you can sell more without fluctuating between
hustle & grit and overwhelm!

That means you can create more
success, with WAY less stress.

In the UWIBusiness Success Collaborative

We will co-create your personalized Success Roadmap that highlights the natural strategies and processes that feel natural to you so you can consistently and confidently turn leads into (well-paying) clients.

This program is for you if:

I know how it feels…

When I first became an entrepreneur, I loved what I did. I was proud of myself for ditching my comfortable, corporate life to create something all my own.

“Build a business,” they said. “You’ll have more freedom and flexibility!”

Sure! At first, I was happy. I was making money, I was helping others build and grow their businesses.

But shortly after I felt drained. Slowly but surely, my business took over my life. Even worse – there was little to show from it besides increasing grey hairs and paranoia. I was making enough revenue – but was I making a true impact, spending enough time with my family, practicing self-care?

You know, doing the things that ACTUALLY matter?

To be honest… the answer was HELL. NO.

I had a lot of fear and I was stuck thinking small. I was so focused on income that I sacrificed everything else. It took me investing into my own coach to realize that I needed a mindset shift to release all self-doubt and self-imposed expectations I had around building a business that worked for ME.

But there was still something missing. Even with my mindset shift, I couldn’t seem to translate that into moving the needle forward in my business.

I still needed a way to leverage the tools and knowledge to pair with my new mindset…

Susan sitting at a table and smiling with a laptop open on a table in front of her

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably like me.

You started this business to create lifestyle freedom.
To create a legacy… for yourself, for your family, for your community.
But you still feel trapped in:

Decision fatigue and overwhelm

from information overload

Fear of financial insecurity

and where your next client (*ahem — paycheck) is coming from

Coping with stress through self-sabotage and bad habits

(no shame — been there, girlfriend!)

Wherever you are now…
I want to make sure you know —
you don’t need to stay there.
I've got you!

UWIBusiness Success Collaborative equips you with the mindset and business strategies that unlock professional and personal success in a very personal way.

Despite what the one-size-fits-all options will tell you, you DO NOT have to...

Instead, create a CUSTOM plan that works for you to draw in your ideal clients so that you can...

Stop Selling & Start Creating Real Relationships

(That's why people will buy)

Position Your Offers With Confidence in Their Value

(Feel proud of what you offer)

Grow the Confidence and Skills to Help Clients Past Any Hesitations

(You will win and the client will too!)

The UWIBusiness Success Collaborative is built on 3 pillars that I developed from years of experience in corporate sales and over a decade running a sales research company.

(In other words, lady…
I know my stuff.)

Pillar 1: Build a Plan You Believe in

The first step in UWIBusiness Success Collaborative is to create a personalized and aligned success roadmap to develop a custom strategy in all 4 areas of your business:

  1. Revenue – Create exclusive programs and offers that align with your income and wealth goals
  2. Marketing & Sales – Develop a practical & strategic roadmap for reaching revenue that rivals your wildest dreams
  3. People – Uncover the best people to fill your gaps so you can stay in your zone of genius!
  4. Money – Learn effective cash management strategies so you can make confidently make bold business decisions

Get clear in the areas that are going to develop you into a CEO.

Pillar 2: Connected Sales Communications

Sayonara to old, played-out sales scripts. We work together to create authentic conversations founded in neuroscience that leaves you feeling confident you can navigate any situation in real-time. Learn to connect with your clients’ desires to frame your service as a solution, not a sale.

Pillar 3: Unstoppable Mind Management

Truth bomb: You can’t have a strong thriving business without a strong resilient mindset. All the strategies, templates, and skills won’t dissolve the imposter syndrome or mindset blocks holding you back from your dream business. Mindset is THE trickiest thing to overcome, which is why it’s not just a module – it is an integrated part of your coaching and support throughout all 6 months in the UWIBusiness Success Collaborative.

I built these pillars with the same process that made me and my clients become truly unstoppable:

Let’s break this down.

In UWIBusiness Success Collaborative, you get:


  • Getting to Yes Faster Masterclass
  • Results Driven Marketing Masterclass
  • Choreographing Your Sales Conversations Masterclass
  • Creating an Unstoppable Mind Management Practice
  • OH SH*T, I’m in Sales? How to reset your sales Mindset Bite-Sized Book Club
  • How to Create Clients Like Crazy — Sales Reboot — How to Find Your People and Create Clients
  • Creating a Kick-butt Marketing Strategy
  • Get Your Book OUT! Inside Secrets from a Publishing Company
  • Leveraging the Right Tech to Make Your Business Hum
  • Aligning Your Personal Style with Your Business Brand to Create Authenticity
  • The 3-Steps to Creating an Online Course in 30 days
  • Reduce Your Stress to Increase Your Health and Wellness
  • And more!!
Here’s the deal…

I know investing in a coaching program is ALWAYS a big deal.
And it should be!

Big growth = big change.

But I’m confident that by being a member in UWIBusiness Success Collaborative, your business will grow in quantum leaps.

More importantly? YOU will learn to let go of the unnecessary mind clutter that is weighing you down in business (and in life)… so you can be free to fly again.

That means… no more missed girls nights, weekend soccer games, family vacations, or late lonely dinners (with only cheap chardonnay as company) because you had to grind your way through your next funnel or lead gen strategy.

The scalable systems and processes I teach in UWIBusiness Success Collaborative empowers you to sell authentically and make your business feel like a waterfall: fun, free-flowing and abundant.

women looking at cell phone with landing page
Take it from Krista...

“Sales Conversations are her jam!

I’ve been working with Susan for years, trusting her to help my clients create great sales conversations. Her ability to coach people through the process of identifying their unique value and then infuse that message into sales communications is uncanny.

And, although I am a coach, I’ve leaned into her specific gifts to help me when I am putting together strategies to transform my business. She’s an amazing collaborator with deep expertise that has been such a help to me.

Krista M

Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

black squiggly line

Your journey CAN start May 1

Ready to start feeling EXCITED
about your business again?
Ready to make some SERIOUS money??

This isn’t a course.

UWIBusiness Success Collaborative is a fully functional, fully interactive, and fully PRESENT program where a small group of high-achieving women in business conquer sales and SUCCEED together.

If you are ready to…

And live a life and business fully in love…


Let’s face it: everyone is not for everybody. I get that. Some coaches rely solely on their particular coaching method & ‘proprietary formulas’ that they swear by. But cookie-cutter coaching is not my style. That’s why the first step in the program is to establish your PERSONAL Success Roadmap & Sales Conversation Guide in a private coaching call with me. All the processes and systems we go over in UWIB are tailor-fit to your unique style, skills and personality. You get my expertise and guidance, without the ego and fluff.  And, frankly, who else would give you 14 HOURS EACH MONTH of face time with a coach?????  Unheard of.  But, Susan believes that true business transformation happens in the “trenches”.  And, you need support to do that!

Absolutely! You’re not alone: sales is a major source of stress for most CEOs. If you are generating 6 figures and have established programs and offers, this program supports you to conquer and lead sales conversations so you can grow your business. Throughout the 6 months we will work on a flow that works for you. Crushing critical conversations with your ideal prospects will feel as comfortable and routine as throwing on your favorite outfit or walking your dog.

This program is designed for women already making 6 figures and are looking to scale. Women who join UWIB are comfortable with a 4 figure investment to make quantum leaps in their business. I encourage you to apply (we’ll have a chat!) so we can discuss if you are ready for this program, as well as payment options.

Scaling can be intimidating and scary. I developed UWIB as a Success Collaborative so that there is built-in support for the steps it takes to grow into a million dollar business. Some signs you are ready are:

  • You feel financially stuck and know you need to strategically scale to grow your impact.
  • You take personal accountability and group accountability seriously. We are committed to each other’s success, but you have to show up and do the work for this program to 😉
  • You are an expert in your field but need an extra push to develop systems and processes that best serve yourself and your clients so you can operate in other areas of your life stress-free.

No matter how many success stories we hear, there’s always that little voice in the back of our head questions “Will this really work FOR ME?” I can reassure you that this program is built with everything you need to step into the calm and collected CEO you desire to be (including mindset training to conquer that pesky voice for good)! In fact, I’m so confident in my clients’ success in UWIB that I offer a money-back guarantee that makes your enrollment risk-free. But at the end of the day YOU have to decide what is best. The real question is… where do you want to be, who do you want to become in the next 6 months?

I thought the program would be good, but I was shocked at just how much I was able to grow.

My business will never be the same.”

Jemilla S.

Let’s be clear...

You need to end the cycle of frustration and burnout and start making BIG MOVES in your business.

This isn’t some pre-packaged course. UWIBusiness Success Collaborative is a HYBRID group coaching program, which means…
If you are DONE feeling helpless from little-to-no progress even after investing hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars in people and programs that don’t hold up to their promises…
If you are burnt out from trying to figure out this business thing on your own
And getting just a little too comfortable with those solo night caps with a glass of cab wondering if you will ever make the money you thought you could

I want to reassure you. It’s not luck,
it’s not sacrifice, it’s not hustle and grit… it’s

PROVEN PROCESSES built on your UNIQUE strengths that will propel you forward.


Are you ready to operate your business (and life) from a place of confidence and certainty instead of constant despair and pressure?

Are you willing to tear down the lies and hangups you have around attracting your ideal clients?

Or do you want to continue…

I can help take you where you want to go. But only YOU can make the decision to step into the qualified, kick-ass BOSS LADY we BOTH know you are.

business woman sitting at desk lookingn up at ceiling

Which one will it be?
Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

Let’s do this, lady.

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Your journey can start may 1