Dive deeper into the intriguing world of human design with Susan and clarity coach Kate Varness passionately discusses the practical applications of knowing your human design, emphasizing how this knowledge can lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life and career. 

Kate illustrates this conversation with stories of real people who have discovered their “types” and how these revelations have transformed their approaches to challenges and opportunities. 

By understanding whether you’re a Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector, you can start to align your daily actions with your natural energies and strengths.

Highlights of the episode include:

– An easy guide to obtaining and interpreting your human design chart.

– The significance of different human design types and how they impact your personal and professional life.

– Practical tips on using your human design to make informed decisions and improve your relationships.

– Stories from Kate’s coaching experiences that showcase the transformative power of embracing your human design.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about how the deeper aspects of their personality can influence their business success and personal growth. 

Susan and Kate provide a friendly, accessible approach to a topic that may seem complex at first glance. By the end of the discussion, you’ll be equipped with the tools and understanding needed to let your true self shine and optimize how you navigate the world around you. Join them in the She Boss Cafe to start your journey towards a more empowered and aligned self.

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