I have been running Unstoppable Women in Business for 4 years now.  When it comes to paying attention to SEO my thought was that I was too small, too young, that it just didn’t matter that much for me to take the time to focus on it.

Was I ever wrong!

Lorraine Ball from Digital Toobox (www.digitaltoolbox.club) shared so many great tips with me on this episode of WHY it is so important and EASY to  incorporate SEO best practices that will make a huge difference in getting visibility on Google.

One of the things you will hear from Lorraine is that it is critical to create content on a regular basis.  I want to share with you an awesome resource that I have created that has helped my clients create content twice as fast with twice the results.  Go to uwib.info/formula to take advantage of this free resource.

Here are just a few of the questions you may have on your mind that Lorraine will DEFINITELY be answering:

 – How often should you be creating new content.  Surprise – it’s not as often as you may imagine!

 – Can you repurpose content and have it help your SEO.  You will love what Lorraine has to say about this!

 – Why does Google want you to be successful and who do they do to make it easier for you to achieve success?

 – What tools help you optimize your SEO? 

There are at least 5 powerful actions you can take away from this episode – please don’t just consume information, take action and watch where you rank in searches resume!

Final take away . . . content is definitely still at the heart of getting you visible across all channels.  But do you sometimes feel like you just don’t know what to create?  I’ve got a great free resource for you that will make creating ANY form of content WAAAAAY easier and more powerful.  Check out this 6-step formula that will guide you through how to “talk” to your people: uwib.info/formula It’s an awesome resource that will change the way you connect with your ideal clients!!

Have an amazing week!