Which Selling Style Are You?

Knowing this one thing can make a HUGE difference in your ability to win more clients!

Six Questions,
Five Minutes, Four Styles . . .
unlimited insights into yourself!

What if you could...

Laser in on your "Selling Style"

Finally, discover your default "selling style". You may have suspicions, but now you can pinpoint how people experience you in selling scenarios.

Learn how to make slight adaptations

Once you know your selling style, you will see clearly how keeping that style will benefit you, or perhaps make a couple of tweaks to incorporate new approaches.

Sell with more confidence, get more clients!

Knowledge is POWER! Shine a light on this key success factor, and you will bask in the feeling of confidence as you connect authentically with your people time and time again.

Here's what you'll learn about selling styles:

Hi there, I'm Susan!

I have met so many talented coaches and online business owners who were passionate about the impact they could make for their clients.  They were chomping at the bit to fill their calendars and get to work.

But there was one thing more than others that was holding them back from filling up their client rosters.  And they HATED IT!  Say the word “sales” and you could see a visible shiver go right through them.

Sales does not have to be hard.  And it certainly doesn’t have to be “pushy” or “slimy”.  Find a selling style that not only feels good to you and increases your clients confidence in you and you will have a winning combination.  Start by finding out what your selling style is today!!

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