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Create a pipeline of highly qualified leads that grows every day

Move your best-fit clients rapidly through their buying journey

Make offers that get more "Hell Yes" during your sales presentations

What if I told you that scaling your business is not that hard?

When You Become a
She Boss Master

We will co-create your Million Dollar Pipeline Formula putting into place the specific steps and processes that equip you to consistently and confidently turn leads into (well-paying) clients.

Imagine a thriving business that can support you and your family WITHOUT doing all the things like...

“I love knowing
EXACTLY how to reach my revenue goals now...

When I first reached out to Susan, I was frustrated and tired from the hustle I was experiencing trying to bring in enough revenue to justify our business overheads. What she quickly helped me understand is that we were selling a commodity product instead of a valuable solution to a bigger problem.

In no time, we created a premier solution and tripled our average deal sizes. Then she helped us create confident sales conversations and a smooth process that made it easy for our customers to say yes.

When I set my revenue goals this year, I loved the confidence that I felt knowing exactly how we were going to accomplish that goal. As a matter of fact – I believe, with Susan’s guidance, we will exceed the goal easily!”

Natasha M

I created this program for you because . . .

Isn't it time to create a CUSTOM scaling formula that works for you all the way, from drawing in your ideal leads to welcoming them as a client...

Figure out once and for all WHY people buy

Stop Selling & Start Creating Real Relationships

Create offers that your best-fit client won't walk away from

Position your offer showcasing undeniable price-to-value ratio

Create a WIN-WIN situation for you and your new clients

Increase your confidence in helping them overcome any hesitations

She Boss Masters is built on the three pillars that I've fine-tuned based on selling over $5m in the online space myself

Pillar 1: Build a CONTINUOUSLY GROWING audience of highly qualified leads who will buy what you offer!

The first step in the Million Dollar Pipeline Formula is to create a multi-prong list building funnel so you can have a consistent flow of new leads that will want to get to know you and what you offer.

  1. Review: We will review your current list building activities, decide what to keep and what needs attention
  2. Design and Implement: Based on what we find during the review phase, let’s design and implement lead magnet(s) and a promotion strategy that will grow yur list.
  3. Optimize:  Here’s where the magic happens, you will become a master of your metrics so that tweaks and adjustments can be made  and the optimized funnel will run on repeat!

Pillar 2: Optimize your current offer stack so you keep your best fit clients BUYING MORE and staying longer!

We will use the same process to review, design and then bring your new offers to life!  

When we are done, you will have a clear ascension model that is cohesive, and makes it easy to increase the life time value of each client. 

Why go out and establish new relationships when you can keep your current clients wildly happy, moving from one step to the next in their desired transformation!!

Pillar 3: Become masterful at making ENTICING OFFERS during a webinar so you can scale beyond anything you've ever imagined!

Truth bomb: Scaling your business depends on you becoming masterful at selling at sales events.  I

f you need to rely on having consult after consult to create clients, YOU will become the bottle neck in your business.  Pillar 3 is all about learning how to design your unique sales event and integrate selling into your presentation. 

First promise of this pillar is there will be no more  over-teaching or overfeeding your audience only to get awkward when it comes time to make your offer!

Second promise is you will learn how to fill your events and get the audience to actually show up.  

Put these two outcomes together and you will be a conversion master!

I built these pillars with the same process that made me and my clients FLY PAST $100k launches, becoming truly unstoppable

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Let's break this down.....
In the She Boss Masters 6 month program you get:


  • List Building Extravaganza
  • Getting to Yes Faster Masterclass
  • Sales Strategies for Scaling Your Business
  • Results Driven Marketing Masterclass
  • Creating an Unstoppable Mind Management Practice
  • OH SH*T, I’m in Sales? How to Reset Your Sales Mindset Bite-Sized Book Club
  • Email Mastery: Creating Emails that Convert
It’s time to stop obsessing about scaling your business and working 24×7!
I am confident that by being a member in the She Boss Masters program your business will grow in quantum leaps.
More importantly? YOU will learn to let go of the unnecessary mind clutter that is weighing you down in business (and in life)… so you can be free to fly again.
That means… no more missed girls nights, weekend soccer games, family vacations, or late lonely dinners (with only cheap chardonnay as company) because you had to grind your way through your next funnel or lead gen strategy by yourself.
The scalable systems and processes I teach in She Boss Masters empowers you to scale authentically and make your business feel like a waterfall: fun, free-flowing and abundant.
women looking at cell phone with landing page
Take it from Krista...

“Scaling businesses by creating repeatable formulas is definitely her jam!

I’ve been working with Susan for years, trusting her to help my clients create great sales funnels. Her ability to coach people through the process of identifying their unique value and then infuse that message into sales communications is uncanny.

And, although I am a coach, I’ve leaned into her specific gifts to help me when I am putting together strategies to transform my business. She’s an amazing collaborator with deep expertise that has been such a help to me.

Krista M

Ready to start feeling EXCITED
about growing your business again?
Ready to make some SERIOUS money??

This isn't a DIY Course!

She Boss Masters is a fully functional, fully interactive, and fully PRESENT program where a small group of high-achieving women in business conquer sales strategies and SUCCEED TOGETHER.

If you are ready to…

And live a life and business fully in love…

Stop trying to figure out how to scale on your own!!

I can help take you where you want to go. But only YOU can make the decision to step into the qualified, kick-ass BOSS LADY we BOTH know you are.

business woman sitting at desk lookingn up at ceiling

Got more questions? Check out these FAQs

Let’s face it: everyone is not for everybody. I get that. Some coaches rely solely on their particular coaching method & ‘proprietary formulas’ that they swear by. But cookie-cutter coaching is not my style. That’s why the first step in the program is to establish your CUSTOMIZED Success Roadmap & Sales Communication Guide in 4 coaching calls with me. All the processes and systems we go over in UWIB are tailor-fit to your unique style, skills and personality. You get my expertise and guidance, without the ego and fluff.  And, frankly, who else would give you 10 HOURS EACH MONTH of face time with a coach?????  Unheard of.  But, I believe that true business transformation happens in the “trenches”.  And, you need support to do that!

Absolutely! You’re not alone: sales is a major source of stress for most CEOs. If you haven’t broken that 6 figure threshold yet, this program supports you to conquer and lead sales conversations so you can grow your business. Throughout the 6 months we will work on a flow that works for you. Crushing critical conversations with your ideal prospects will feel as comfortable and routine as throwing on your favorite outfit or walking your dog.

MUCH less than you think! This program is designed for women reaching to make consistent 6 figure revenues and are looking to scale. Women who join UWIB are comfortable with a $6500 investment to make quantum leaps in their business. I encourage you to apply (we’ll have a chat!) so we can discuss if you are ready for this program, as well as payment options.

Scaling can be intimidating and scary. I developed UWIB as a Success Collaborative so that there is built-in support for the steps it takes to methodically grow into a million dollar business. Some signs you are ready are:

  • You feel financially stuck and know you need to strategically scale to grow your impact.
  • You take personal accountability and group accountability seriously. We are committed to each other’s success, but you have to show up and do the work for this program to 😉
  • You are an expert in your field but need an extra push to develop systems and processes that best serve yourself and your clients so you can operate in other areas of your life stress-free.

No matter how many success stories we hear, there’s always that little voice in the back of our head questions “Will this really work FOR ME?” I can reassure you that this program is built with everything you need to step into the calm and collected CEO you desire to be (including mindset training to conquer that pesky voice for good)! In fact, I’m so confident in my clients’ success in UWIB that I offer a money-back guarantee that makes your enrollment risk-free. But at the end of the day YOU have to decide what is best. The real question is… where do you want to be, who do you want to become in the next 6 months?

I thought the program would be good, but I was shocked at just how much I was able to scale.

My business will never be the same.”

Jemilla S.