Like most entrepreneurs, I bet you’ve had moments . . . maybe even MANY moments . . . where thoughts are running through your head that paralyze your creativeness and leave you stuck in your business building efforts. Sometimes those thoughts sound like: “who do you think you are, you don’t know what you are doing”, and sometimes they are telling you that you aren’t good enough or a total fraud. Today’s episode dives into where these ominous thoughts generate from and provides several tips into how to minimize the volume and impact so you can get back to being your brilliant self.
Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:
  • 70% of people experience imposter moments.
  • Avoid the compare and despair dialog that creeps into your mind. Know that you are a work in progress and that that’s OK.
  • Imposter thoughts are fed by perfectionism and our need to be the best at everything we do, all the time.
  • Fear of failure keeps us in a cycle of self criticism and playing small.  
  • People who do not fall prey to imposter moments are not afraid of being vulnerable.
  • Hiding from fear manifests as procrastination.
  • The first step in knocking out imposter thoughts is to have an awareness of why you are feeling these things in the first place.
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