Sometimes we can be our worst enemies when it comes to pricing our services appropriately. If we learn to price our offerings appropriate to the value we deliver, we won’t have to hustle so hard to make the money we deserve and reach the lofty goals we have set for ourselves.
Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:
  • Pricing mind drama manifests most for women business owners because we are so busy pouring more and more into our work buckets.
  • It’s possible to sell and hustle less and have less clients and still make the money you deserve if you price yourself appropriately.
  • Over-delivering on your products or services value gives you pricing confidence.
  • Think like airlines, not Costco – avoid money scarcity thinking when pricing your products.
  • Offer high quality products or services and learn to monetize the importance of what you are offering.
  • Create an experience for your customer – what do they need to think and fee before paying a premium price?
  • Be clear in your marketing and don’t undersell yourself.
  • Take your time in understanding your prospect before getting into a sales conversation with them.
Resources mentioned in this episode and more . . . 

Hustling less and making more money depends on over-delivering on your offerings and creating an experience and forgetting about pricing mind drama. If you are ready to step-up and charge what you are worth, I’ve got an awesome Pricing Calculator that you can download for free that will help you visualize the impact this will have on your top line revenue.  This is a helpful tool as you prepare for your 2021 revenue forecasts.