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Does this sound familiar? You've been told to cast a wide net and target everyone in order to maximize your business potential. But guess what? That approach can be ineffective and leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Focusing on a specific niche can bring you faster results and more passion-driven work. And here's the good news... it's never too late! Isn't it time to end your endless search for new clients and "niche down" so you call the BEST FIT clients to you? Join Susan and her special guest Todd Howard, Founder of Grow a Niche Business as they discuss a proven framework for anyone to identify their niche easily.

Have you ever hired a coach and not gotten the results you had hoped for? This might have happened because you hired the first coach you come across, thinking any coach is better than none. Or, it can happen if you listen to friends and hire the coach that worked for them! Hiring a business coach is an important step in your business growth, but they can be costly. Don't hire your next business coach without listening to this episode of Unstoppable Women in Business. You will hear these valuable points during the episode: Discover essential factors to consider before choosing your business coach. Unlock the process of identifying your business stage- whether it's time to build, grow, or scale. Learn how to navigate the journey from expert to a CEO of your company and which coach fits you best at each. Understand the pivotal role of various coaching styles like blueprint/system-based, specialist, and strategy coaching. Realize the importance of compatibility in a coaching relationship which leads to a great coaching engagement. If this episode resonated with you and you are in the market to hire a business coach, check out our website at: We have programs perfect for coaches and online businesses in the build and grow phase.

In a world where first impressions matter, Lindsay Sullivan stumbled upon a secret weapon that transformed her personal passion for photography into a powerful tool for small businesses. Little did she know, the captivating allure of brand photography would take her on an unexpected journey of discovery and success. Join us today as Lindsay unlocks the power of storytelling using images and how that helps win the know-like-trust factor important to build your business. And then find out how to add pizzazz to stock photography when you don’t have “just the right” brand shot.

Unleash the Unstoppable: Susan Trumpler uncovers the emotional secrets to skyrocket your success in having sales conversations as she navigates the treacherous terrain of the customer's decision-making process. The best part: if you get good at the process she shares today, price becomes a non-issue and you get to yes faster and more frequently! In this episode, you will be able to: Dive into the secrets of client decision-making, helping you tailor your business approach. Tackle emotional needs, providing insight into enhancing potential client relations. Explore the power of trust and how it can revolutionize your sales conversations. Understand the significance of setting you apart, giving your business that competitive edge. Discover the intricacies of price justification, adding substance and validity to your sales dialogue. Resource recommended to help implement this process:

Does this sound familiar? As an entrepreneur, you've been told to simply power through the summer months, but the reality is, you're feeling a little “fomo” when you see your kids, your friends, and even your peers kicking back and enjoying themselves. The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting through the summer season. It's time to break free from the cycle of exhaustion and unlock the secrets to success during the summer. Discover different ways to approach your business, unleash hidden creativity, and capitalize on the occasional slowdowns that summer brings. Say goodbye to the pain of unproductive summers and hello to intentional decision-making and ultimate success.

The key to hitting your revenue goals year after year hinges on your ability to keep your sales machine humming. If you are an entrepreneur, that responsibility often falls on your shoulders - along with everything else in your business. Join Susan Trumpler on today’s episode as she dives into three things that can keep you from showing up and selling with passion on a regular basis. You will walk away from this episode with renewed energy and enthusiasm for finding your best clients and making the cash register sing!

As a business coach, the question that I get asked more often than any other is this one: How do I find clients FAST? When you have a dream to do more of what you love and get paid well for it, there is sometimes an urgency to find a steady flow of clients quickly. And, not just any type of client, new entrepreneurs are looking for big ticket clients that will help them grow their business. In this episode we will explore the three paths you can go down to find clients fast.... and slow!  There are pros and cons to each that new business owners need to consider.

The internet (and the way we do business with it) is evolving right under our noses!!  I bet you've been hearing about block chain, crypto, and bitcoin, right?  But . . . what do they have to do with growing your small business?

Lots!  My guest today, Linda Albright of Women's Wealth Revolution is one sharp lady and she is going to help all of us understand what Web .3.0 is all about and why we should care.

Consider this either the beginning of your journey to understanding the future of your business, or possibly a re-introduction to why understanding the upcoming technology revolution is important.  

Ladies, we can't hide our heads in the sand!  Listen to this episode so you can be informed and empowered!

How can you develop a sales page that moves people into action? You don’t want people to abandon it in under 30 seconds, right?

Today you will hear about the Top 5 Mistakes that I’ve seen on sales pages  - the kinds of things that block them from being as effective as they should be - so that you can avoid making these mistakes when constructing your sales page.

I hope this can bring you some insight! 

The skill set you need to run your own business is vastly different from the ones that make you successful in Corporate America. The growth opportunities are endless . . . and that’s a nice way of saying - challenging! 

We all go into business because we are EXCELLENT at something, but we don’t realize that we only get to do that special “thing” for a limited amount of time.  There are other areas of responsibility that need to be tended to, and for most women, they are pretty foreign to us and not necessarily what we are strong at. 

Join Susan today as she interviews her guest, Laura Valvasori from Good to Grow Marketing Inc. Laura’s on a mission to help business owners  get clear, organized and into action so they can grow thriving businesses. Laura uses her natural ability to distill, simplify and organize, and has spent over 20 years helping businesses reach their goals and grow to new levels through practical, strategic marketing. Click the More Info button to find out more about Laura.

Ep 51: Do Your Know the Value of Your Network?

Do you cringe at the thought of going to a “networking” event? 

Does it bring up images of sharks circling in the water looking for fresh blood? Networking shouldn’t make you feel that way!  When you find the right network to get plugged into, and you show up in a way that creates strong relationships, this ecosystem can bring you lots of joy and a steady flow of new clients. 

Listen today as Susan’s guest, Carlyn Bushman, of Carlyn Bushman Consulting shares her tips on how to build a strong networking game that will set you apart from the rest.

Ep 50: Stop Saying I HATE SALES!

I am shocked at how many times I hear the words, "I hate sales" come out of the mouths of women business owners. I commend them for their honesty, but I seriously worry about the viability of their business!

Sales is the lifeblood of your business. Without sales, you don't have money and without money you have NO BUSINESS!

Let's go girls! Let's make sales our BFF. On this podcast I share 3 simple tips  to reset your sales mindset so that you can genuinely create a better relationship between you and this critical aspect of your business.

EP 49: Recipe for Consistent Business Growth

As an entrepreneur you know there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to in order for you to have a thriving business. But as a business coach, I can tell you that there is a specific "recipe" for consistent business growth. Today's episode focuses on the three main ingredients of a strong sales and marketing strategy, one that will lead to consistent revenue growth year after year. This is an episode packed with important information, that if you take action on it, will lead to faster growth and more enjoyment along the way. I hope you enjoy -check out the show notes for more information at Also, here is a link to the Buyer's Journey Infographic that Susan mentions in the episode. ​

EP 48: Insider Tips on How to Get Top-Tier Media Attention

Are you getting a consistent flow of new clients? Do you wish you had more but are not a big fan of selling? I will go to my grave proclaiming that the more you spend time getting more visibility - awareness of who you are and what you do - the easier sales becomes.Today's guest, Allie Martin of Fame and Fortune ( showed up loaded with great insider tips on how to get media attention.  Whether you have your sights set on a magazine, radio or television interviews, Allie's got the inside scoop on how to land these coveted  opportunities

EP 47: SEO Made Easy - or - How to Make Google Your BFF

Today's episode is crazy good IF you are interested in figuring out how to get more visibility for your  business.  That's most of us, right? Lorraine Ball from Digital Toolbox is my guest and is going through a checklist of things to consider when you want to rank higher in SEO and have Google become your BFF. What I didn't understand is that the SEO game has changed significantly over the years so there are a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Lorraine breaks it down and gives us several easy and actionable things we can do to increase our visibility right away. Don't just listen to this one, my friends!  Take notes and make sure you implement the pearls of wisdom that Lorraine shares with us in this episode. One of the things you will hear from Lorraine is that it is critical to create content on a regular basis.  I want to share with you an awesome resource that I have created that has helped my clients create content twice as fast with twice the results.  Go to to take advantage of this free resource.

EP 46: What You Really Want and How To Get It

Today Susan's explores what we all want more of in life (and business) and how to get it.  This episode goes deep into what holds us back from connecting on a deeper level with people in our lives and the toll that this takes on us and our businesses.This is an episode that will challenge you to be courageous and enjoy the rewards of doing so!Join us for this quick episode on how to be vulnerable and create deeper connection with everyone you encounter. 

EP 45: Secrets to Hiring the BEST EVER Virtual Assistant

Listen to any business expert and they will tell you not to do ANYTHING that someone else can do for you.  This is one of the secrets to building your business fast.  But, what happens when you try to hire Virtual Assistants and it doesn't work out quite the way you think it would?  Do you fire them and try again.  Do you do that 9 times like i did?  Let's dive in with Talmar Anderson from BOSS ACTIONS to learn the secrets to hiring the BEST EVER Virtual Assistant!

EP 44: Making Confident Offers That Fill Your Calendar and Your Bank Account

After coaching hundreds of women entrepreneurs, I know that when it comes to challenging sales activities -- making offers ranks as one of the top 3.  Join me in a webinar replay where I shared the 4 most troublesome parts of making offers that truly convert.  Pardon the sound quality on this as I wanted to get the replay out quickly.  I really think you will enjoy!

EP 43: Get Visible Series: Speaking

This is the third in our Get Visible Series and it's a good one!  Lori Lyons from Igniting Your Business focused in for us and talked about how to get out there and get SPEAKING! There is nothing like speaking either virtually or in-person, paid or unpaid, to get you eyeball-to-eyeball with so many people at once. Join us as I interview this special woman who has vast knowledge about how to get VISIBLE!!

EP 42: Get Visible Series: Video Tips and Trends

There's a lot of noise in the online marketplace right now.  To win your share of the attention that will drive leads through your pipeline, it's important to raise awareness for what you do and the value that you bring to your ideal clients. Today's episode in the ongoing Increasing Your Visibility Series is centered on how to use video to capture the hearts and minds of your people. Susan's guest today is Elaine Williams from Captivate the Crowd. Listen in on some great tips and trends that Elaine shares with us on how to use Video authentically in social media engagement.

EP 41: Get Visible Series: Podcasting

In a world where there is so much noise, Getting Visible is the beginning of growing your business success. UWIBusiness will dive into a 4-week series, exploring some of the most important options you have to increase your visibility. The first episode is all about unique ways to think about podcasting and why it is one of the best forms of "getting visible"! Susan's special guest today is Sam Liebowitz, CEO of TalkRadio.NYC - an internet radio station for podcasters to do live shows.

EP 40: The ONE THING that will boost your business success

Every day you walk into your office, and I just bet you have a list of things a mile long that you need to accomplish. Am I right? But the question is, how do you prioritize them? What is THE most important thing you can do for your business to guarantee its success.

EP 39: Choreographing Your Sales Conversations

Do you have a love/hate relationship with sales conversations? Sometimes they flow well, other times you just can't stay in step with your buyer. Join Susan as she talks about the four areas of the sales conversation that can be problematic and find out how to move your way through each of these areas to achieve the best outcomes. NOTE: This episode will mentally prepare any participant of the workshop of the same name for an amazing learning experience! Here is more information:

EP 38: The Mother of All Podcasts

What is it like to work with someone in your family? How do you stay out of each other's way and keep your business and personal relationships working? Episode 38 features a pair of Mother-Daughter duos and their insights on what makes these partnerships such a natural fit, even when it’s not an easy one!

EP 37: "OH SH*T, I'm In Sales?" Free Chapter

It’s almost here! OH SH*T, I’m in Sales? will be hitting shelves on November 8th and I want YOU to get a sneak peak of what to look forward to! It’s the entrepreneur’s guide to making sales your BFF. I wrote it to bridge the gap between wanting to be a successful business owner and dreading the sales needed to make that business successful. Tune in for the Introduction and Chapter 1!

EP 36: Protect Your Goldmine

Imagine this; you’ve built your business, you have solidified your brand, and built your whole website. You are super proud of what you have created (and you SHOULD be) and someone comes along and just steals it. Oh no! In Episode 36: Protect Your Goldmine, I speak with Barbara Ingrassia about how to protect your intellectual property and why it’s so important!

EP 35: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Sales

Being an entrepreneur is a LOT like riding a rollercoaster. Scary, right? It doesn’t need to be. This week’s episode examines some common thoughts that can pop up during the lows of our entrepreneurial rollercoaster, and gives insight into how to tackle those lows as they come.

EP 34: Just Do the Darn Thing!

No matter how high of an achiever you are, we all sometimes have a hard time tackling a challenging new project. I am here to help you get out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone where all the growth and transformation happens! This week’s episode gives you the four steps you need to keep you on track and get your next BIG THING started!

EP 33: From Perfectionism to Authentic Self

Have you ever wanted something to be so perfect that you never end up actually completing it? Or even starting it? Perfectionism is often branded as a positive quality of successful people, but in reality, it holds us back from our potential. This episode’s guest, Jess, shares her personal journey with perfectionism, anxiety, and revelations about living authentically rather than perfectly.

EP 32: Bringing Order to the Chaos in Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you often get so many ideas of what you want your business to be, but how often do you actually think about the details of how to get there? Join me on this week’s episode as Dafne Tsakiris shares her knowledge on how to curate the ideal customer experience using processes, digital tools, and her superpower of bringing order to the chaos.

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