There are so many choices you have to make every single day when it comes to boosting your business success.  Join Susan today as she celebrates the FIRST anniversary of her Success Collaborative – the 6-month coaching program that helps women entrepreneurs develop the Success Plan for their business and then implement it amongst their peers in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Susan has reached out to her ladies and has compiled the THREE SUCCESS FACTORS that have made a difference in their businesses this past year and she also shares the ONE THING — the one skill that will make or break your business success.

Just so the suspense won’t kill you, here are the cliff notes for the Three Success Factors:

1. Have a rock-solid business plan that includes a deep understanding of your sales communication and messaging strategy.

2. When it comes to your revneue goals, don’t just put them on a sticky note and “manifest” your way to success.  Make sure you have a process to break down the revenue goal into bite-size chunks – either quarterly or monthly – and then match the activity levels for marketing and sales to make certain you can achieve your goals.

3. Keep your sales mindset clean!  If you let the little voices in your head stop you from doing the things that are a little intimidating or scary, you won’t grow your business beyond your own comfort zone.  That’s were OH SH*T, I’m in Sales? comes in handy.  This book is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs who want to make friends with sales.

This is a fun episode packed with thought provoking information.  You might want to grab a journal and make some notes that will help you create your own Success Plan for 2022.

Also, Susan is announcing the OH SH*T, I’m in Sales? DEEP DIVE.  This best-selling book has a sure-fire cure that will have you becoming a superstar in one of the key Success Factors she talks about today.  If you are listening to this episode in March of 2022, you should Join the DEEP DIVE!! You can find more information here: