Create Content People WANT to Consume in Just 6 Steps!!

Make it easier than ever to create content that SOUNDS LIKE YOU!!! This formula will help you create compelling conversations and content that gets your ideal client EXCITED to work with you!

Master a 6-Step Formula that works every damn time!

Video Tutorial, Reusable Template, Instruction Guide

Susan Trumpler smiling brightly in a turquoise blouse holding her glasses.

Hey, this is Susan

I’m a coach and I love working with coaches, consultants and online business owners.

But, nothing used to frustrate me more than staring at a blank document, wondering how the hell I could translate all the great ideas I had in my head into compelling content that would light up my ideal clients and draw them closer to me.

There were times when I just wanted to throw my computer across the room. Especially when I looked at my half-empty coaching calendar…!

Doesn’t it just FRY YOUR BRITCHES that no one told us we needed to become “MASTER COMMUNICATORS” when we decided to become coaches?!

But here’s the REAL TRUTH:

Whether it’s:

  • Getting more clicks on Social Media
  • Videos that get watched to the end
  • Filling up your Webinars
  • Growing an email list of raving fans


You will never have as many clients as you deserve if you cannot communicate in a way that captures their attention and gains their trust.

Period. Hard stop.

White woman in a white shirt looking frustrated while starting at a computer screen.
Two women working together and looking at and pointing to a computer screen.


You don’t have to suffer any longer!!

I’ve got the secret sauce for you right here, right now that will give you a repeatable formula for creating ANY content your heart desires in half the time and twice the results!


Rest easy knowing you don’t have to hire expensive copywriters for every single email campaign, sales page, or video script you need to create!

The 6-Step Magic Formula for Creating Compelling Content will get you more clients FOR SURE!

Video Tutorial, Reusable Template, Instruction Guide

Founder of Unstopptable Women in Business

Susan Trumpler in Script Font

Use this amazing formula to create ANYTHING you need to promote your business:

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Blue Decorative Dots
Text: Testimonials
Susan's 6-step process (and her coaching on how to really apply it effectively in my business) has been transformational. I was missing SO many of the critical parts of my story. The parts that actually make my message interesting and clear to my clients! I now feel so much more confident sitting down to any blank piece of paper.
A headshot of Chelsea Hicks
Chelsea Hicks
Bad Ass Mom's Academy
Susan has changed my life! The formula has upgraded my content and now I'm able to deliver to make an impact for my people AND to make money while doing it!

It's a win-win...my copy from before wasn't selling very well and now I can connect on such a deeper level with them. Using her formula creates copy that really resonates with my people and create trust in me.
A headshot of Kathryn Chess
Kathryn Chess
Making Mid-Life Marvelous

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A Note from Susan...

Believe me, I’ve been where you are right now! I used to pay a lot of money to wonderful copywriters who did a really nice job creating content for me, but when I published email campaigns or sales pages with their words, it just left me feeling a little inauthentic – Do you know what I mean??

It’s so exciting for me to think that you are just a few minutes away from having a proven framework in your tool bag that you will use over and over again to create great sales and marketing communications that will drive your business growth.

Have fun and let me know how things are going for you!

Susan Trumpler in Script Font

Founder of Unstopptable Women in Business
Author, Podcaster, Sales Coach, Speaker

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