In episode, Susan Trumpler dives deep into a common yet often overlooked challenge faced by small business owners: unintentionally slowing down a potential client’s decision to buy

With her characteristic warmth and insight, Susan unpacks the nuances of the buyer’s journey, providing listeners with valuable strategies to avoid these pitfalls and foster a smoother path to purchase. This episode is a treasure trove of advice for entrepreneurs eager to refine their approach to sales and marketing, ensuring they can attract more clients and accelerate their business growth.

Here’s what Susan covers in this eye-opening episode:

Smoothing Out Each Step of the Buyers Journey: 

 Awareness: The starting line where potential clients realize they have a problem that needs solving. Susan discusses how mismatched content at this stage can make it harder for your business to even get on their radar.

 Enlightenment: This phase is all about education, where prospects are considering their options. The big mistake here? Bombarding them with too much, too soon, leading to information overload instead of guiding them closer to a solution.

 Commitment: The final stretch where decisions are made. Susan reveals how overdelivering in earlier stages can leave prospects feeling too satisfied to see the value in proceeding to a purchase.

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