Come on Woman!  It’s time to stop saying I HATE SALES! It’s time to stop saying that sales makes you feel “pushy” or “sleazy”!  Your business depends on it!

When you declare how much you hate sales, your brain believes you.  The primitive part of your brain is there to keep you safe and happy and, by gosh, it’s going to work to help you do that.  So, when you say “I hate sales” your brain believes you and it will shoot ALL KINDS OF CRAZY THOUGHTS at you that are not based in reality – they are meant to keep you safe, protect you from rejection.  

Anytime you are doing something that makes you a little uncomfortable, you need to watch your thinking and make certain you engage the thinking side of your brain to move past the fear.

That’s what today’s episode is about!  How to reset your sales mindset.  This show was originally broadcast on my Wednesday LinkedIN Live show – and it was so good, I needed to share it here with my loyal podcast listeners.

Tune in to discover THREE POWERFUL tips to help you move from hating sales to making it your new BFF!

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