Join us today for an enlightening conversation with Meredith Vaish, a Clarity Coach and guru of intuitive leadership who’s redefining the entrepreneurial grind. In this episode, she peels back the layers of hustle culture and guides us towards a more fulfilling, golden zone of doing business. 

Let’s break down the key takeaways:

  • The Hustle Hangover: Meredith talks about the exhaustion and pressure that comes from the relentless push to prove and perform in today’s business world.
  • From Silicon Valley to Soulful Strategies: Hear Meredith’s personal shift from corporate chaos to finding her rhythm through an injury that changed her perspective.
  • Defining Hustle Culture: It’s the air we breathe in the business world, a mix of proving, pleasing, and perfectionism that can leave us feeling less than golden.
  • The Golden Zone: That sweet spot where things just flow. Meredith discusses how to spot when you’re there and how to get back to it when you’re not.
  • Internal Vs. External: Learn about the internal cues that signal when hustle culture is affecting you and how to realign with your inner needs.
  • Intuitive Leadership: It’s about leading with a quiet confidence, tuning into what’s truly yours to do, and trusting that everything’s working out, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

If you are ready to Take Inspired Action, Meredith is set to ignite your Mondays at the She Boss Cafe with sessions designed to pinpoint that one action that’ll transform your week. Join us at https://shebosscafe.com 

And, you can find Meredith’s The Creator’s Energy Quiz: Find out where you stand in the hustle culture and discover personalized strategies to move into your golden zone.  You can find that at https://pauseboxco.com.  

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