Get ready to revolutionize both your personal growth and your business with our latest podcast episode of “Grow You, Grow Your Business,” featuring the incredible Karilee Wirthlin from NLP Marin. 

In this enlightening conversation, Karilee pulls back the curtain on how integrating Transformational NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can catapult you and your business to new heights. 

During the episode, Susan and Karilee explore:

  • Unlocking the Power of NLP:Learn how NLP’s tools and strategies can help you understand and reprogram your subconscious to overcome barriers and unlock your full potential.
  • The Journey of Personal Transformation:  KariLee shares her personal journey through NLP and how it transformed not just her approach to business, but her life.
  • Stepping into Your “CEO Power”:  Discover how to embrace your role as CEO with confidence, whether you’re flying solo or leading a team, and why adopting this mindset is crucial for success.
  • Overcoming Sales and Marketing Hurdles: Dive deep into practical strategies for enhancing your sales conversations and marketing efforts, making them feel authentic and far from pushy or sleazy.
  • Practical NLP Applications: Hear about real-world examples of how NLP techniques can be applied to everyday business challenges to foster growth and improve client relations.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable insights and wisdom that will inspire you to grow personally and professionally. Tune in to transform the way you approach your business and life!

To learn more about Transformational NLP, check out the new Audio Summit here: https://www.nlpmarin.com/growyourbusiness/ 

Or connect with Karilee on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/karilee