Getting to Yes Faster!!

Know the three questions that must be answered before someone is ready to say YES to your offer!

My goal is for you to get a new client on your very next sales conversation.

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Founder of Unstopptable Women in Business
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Hey Girl!

How have your sales consults been going? Do you wish you would get more “absolutely yes!” responses when you ask if they are ready to start working together?

Quite often consults start out fairly strong, but when it comes time to make the offer it feels like the proverbial wheels fall off the wagon. Your person isn’t convinced that they need what you are offering, not right now at least.

Then comes the dreaded smokescreen objections you aren’t sure how to handle…

Pink Decorative Dots
Pink Decorative Dots

YIKES. Girlfriend, you need: GETTING TO YES FASTER!

It’s really ironic that most women aren’t aware that to get to a YES, there are three questions that need to be answered first . .


Learn the 3 questions your ideal client NEEDS answered BEFORE they can say yes to you

Use interactive worksheets to create your new sales conversation

Use your new approach to GET TO YES FASTER and MORE FREQUENTLY

and get ready for a whole new way to approach sales so you can


Registration is free and the information in this Video Series is priceless!

Spilling the tea....

For 10 years, Fortune 500 companies have been paying me to uncover the sales skills and processes that brings in the most money for their companies. When I share my study results it feels like I’m handing over the keys to the kingdom. I am literally able to say to them, “Do these things and you’ll make more money!”

I didn’t want to limit this type of sales intel to only the biggest companies. Why not combine everything I’ve learned over the years into something that would make a difference for women entrepreneurs?

That is how Unstoppable Women in Business was born. I’m passionate about sharing the “keys to the kingdom” with women entrepreneurs so they, too, can be amazingly successful.

Susan Trumpler in Script Font

Founder of Unstopptable Women in Business
Author, Podcaster, Sales Coach, Speaker

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