The social media platforms are rewarding people who use short form video – there is a full 28%higher engagement when video is the medium you are creating with.  Especially video below 59 seconds.


Today’s guest is Elaine Williams from Captivate the Crowd.  Elaine is a Video Presence coach and an all round fun person to be around.  Elaine has been studying video for years now and has honed her skills in the very ways that teach people how to make engaging videos.


Elaine is sharing some of her most powerful tips on today’s podcast:


  • You are swimming in content – feel free to repurpose things you already have and find new and interesting ways to package it with video


  • Make things visually stimulating so that you will STOP THE SCROLL!  People need to have a pattern interrupt.  Elaine shares several ways to create visually interesting videos.


  • Number one tip from Elaine is to GET OVER YOURSELF!  It’s better to get out there and try something new rather than sitting back and thinking about what you want to do forever!


  • From a content perspective, Elaine recommends that you always provide VALUE and you can do that by Teaching, Entertaining, or Engaging with people.  


  • Don’t let the technology stop you.  The platforms are making it easier and easier for you to create and post videos. Elaine offered a replay to her recent Instagram Reels training that she did.  Click here to watch that training.


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Free resource from Elaine: Confidence on Camera Checklist: