UWIBusiness welcomes Lori Lyons, CEO of Igniting Your Business, a website design and marketing agency that helps small business owners get more leads, more ideal clients and make more money with a magnetic online presence

In this Episode, Lori focuses on how Speaking drives visibility for any woman business owner.  Bur, just like any other business activity, you have to execute well to have the effort payoff.

Lori and Susan discuss how to market yourself as a speaker to get bigger stages and bigger audiences:

  • Three tips on how to brand yourself as a speaker 

  • The importance of being consistent across all social media platforms

  • Presenting yourself professionally as a speaker

We also dive into how to develop a DIY “sizzle reel that will satisfy the needs of booking agents.  Finally, we go into some of Lori’s best practices when it comes to finding speaking gigs — 

Lori spills all the tea!  

Here’s how you can reach Lori: https://ignitingyourbusiness.com/ 

Link for free checklist: http://speakchecklist.com/