Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

     Are clients truly hard to find?  Or is that a “scapegoat” thought tailored to get us out of doing the work we’re a little bit unsure of?  What if neither statement is wholly true?  Many people hold the belief, “Clients are hard to find.”  Newsflash!  You’re not alone!  Even better:  It just means your brain is functioning properly!

     In this episode, I’ll ask you some questions to consider, the answers to which will help you through the fear of rejection and provide you with a logical response of trusting in yourself and the value of your product or program.  I’ll walk you through identifying other limiting thoughts, the emotions that accompany them, and how they might manifest.  Finally, I’ll give you the secret to transforming the idea that “Clients are hard to find” from a belief based in fear into a positive action inspired by your purpose.  As always, I’m going to keep it real and give you solid steps you can take to choose a perspective in any given situation that will produce the type of results you want.

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