Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  The message from all the gurus, all the coaching experts, all the smarty pants out there is in – hustle culture is dead! Today we will be talking with a self-proclaimed hustle junkie, Meredith Vaish. Meredith shares with us how to recognize when you’re in the hustle zone, and how to make the leap into what she calls the “golden zone.” We discuss the hustle culture and the possible toxic undertones lurking beneath the rise and grind mindset, and how to break through.

  Working hard is so embedded into us as a generation, it’s almost in our DNA. You get promoted, you get raises, you impress people – it’s a quick way to climb the ladder in corporate culture. However, what lies under the surface is that you are on the road to burnout.

  Workaholic tendencies come from a fundamentally broken place, where
you’re just proving you’re proving that you have value. But the truth
is, you have so much value greater than you know – it does
NOT derive from working yourself into the ground! Learn to recognize
and harness your true power and worth with some advice from an expert
ex-hustler. Success does not require sacrifice. Tune in this week for an
exciting conversation you do not want to miss!

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