Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

Recently, after going through an open enrollment period for my Success Collaborative program, I met with my team to debrief on what went well, what was challenging and what we could do better the next time we were in an “active selling period”.

 It was a fun conversation. There’s always so much to learn, but something funny kept coming up for me.  There were things that I said and did that didn’t feel “authentically me”.  You know what I mean?  You can hear a voice in the back of your head (I sometimes call this monkey chatter) that is saying, “that’s not you” and “ooooh, you’re being a little aggressive”. 

 Well, put that in the back of your mind and tune into this episode.  So many things came to light for me in so many interesting ways.  But, the net-net of it is this:  I grew up in a corporate selling environment and there were some aggressive tendencies that had been laying dormant for a while that came back to me like riding a bike.  I thought they were gone, but it’s like a thoroughbred horse, the masculine energy really showed up “on the last leg of the race”.

Such good stuff!  And, without spoiling the ending, it really will help you understand why you may have that harsh perspective about selling AND may even make you an advocate!

Can’t wait to see what you think!  Let me know!

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