This new series is called: How to Get Visible. As I work with my women in the Success Collaborative, I know for certain that there’s a couple of indicators that will make a difference on the trajectory of their success, and one of the things is around becoming visible.  You really have to think about whether you are willing to put out a long form piece of content on a regular basis, that can then be micro’ed down into smaller pieces, in essence repurposed.  You also need to be consistent about getting it out there. Making commitments to these things help create top of the funnel awareness of who you are, what you do, and it helps establish you as a thought leader for your niche. 

Today, we’re gonna dive into podcasting. You’re listening to my podcast right now. You know, it’s been something that I’ve been doing for quite a while, not as consistent recently because there’s been so much going on, but I believe in the beginning it is so important to be consistent. And I have someone who is just a delight that I’m going to introduce to you today to talk to you about a new twist on podcasting, something that I just want to be able to plant a seed in your mind on how podcasting can be used for visibility. 

I want to introduce you to Sam Liebowitz. Sam is known as the conscious consultant. He is a multi-magical man. He’s a facilitator, a mentor, a speaker, a healer, and an all round serial entrepreneur. He’s the author of the number one best selling empowerment book called Everyday Awakening. His current venture includes Talking Alternative Broadcasting. Sam is from Manhattan and he has participated in the TEDx Upper West Side, and today we will be talking to Sam about his internet radio station: TalkRadio.NYC. 

Listen in on this great interview to hear about:

  • The two things that hold people back from creating their own podcast
  • How support and community can help bring your dream to life
  • A NEW alternative to just doing plain old podcasting
  • Why podcasting is a perfect fit for Getting Visible!

Enjoy this episode and then check out: www.TalkRadio.NYC

Sam has also provided two gifts for the Unstoppable Women in Business Podcast listeners:

Link to free guide on Interview Tips:

6-Week Course: Podcast Your Passion

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