We all have habits that hinder our growth. Some we correct quickly, but others just keep popping back up again and again! This can be especially true when it comes to how we react when a client is upset. 

While we all would like to follow Bob Newhart’s therapy advice to just “stop it!,” we also know his two word advice is not going to cut it. This episode goes beyond Bob’s simple solution and provides tips on shifting your perspective to turn a negative feeling into productive thoughts to better your business. 

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  • Why does a client being upset feel like a personal attack? 
  • How rooting your identity in how “good you are” at business is holding you back.
  • Identifying thoughts versus feelings (hint: feelings can be found on the feelings wheel linked in the resources!)
  • What parts of the client’s perspective might be true? 
  • Using your fears as an opportunity for growth. 

Resources and more…

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