Think about your first vehicle.  How much fun did you have in that car or truck?  Did it bring you joyful experiences?  While we’re on the subject of vehicles, I’d like to introduce you to Paul Long, self-described “master of shenanigans,” keynote speaker, and author of the book Fundamism: Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.  He is talking to us today about a specific vehicle – one that you can invite into your life to create more fun, joy, and fulfillment.

This episode is packed with so much value!  From Paul’s definition of Fundamism to his top three fundamentals and a crazy story about a catsuit onesie, he’s here to help us learn how to get out of a rut and back on the path to success.  Join us for some F.U.N!

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  • What is Fundamism?
  • Getting out of the rut of exchanging time for money.
  • What is F.U.N?
  • How to channel your energy and apply a new spin.
  • Creating meaningful interactions – even through your voicemail greeting!
  • How wearing a catsuit onesie can cat –apult a career (see what I did there)?

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