Our current economy is like a modern-day gold rush.  Everyone is putting their art, their work, their service, out into the market.  How do you stand out from the rest?  What will give you that edge you need to be appealing to potential clients?  You want your potential clients to be emotionally moved.  You want them to realize, in a very real way, that you have the answer to a burning question they may not even know they had.  You want to make value tangible.

Today I am sitting down with Amanda Louise, artist and owner of Isn’t She Lovely Studios.  Amanda is a young entrepreneur and true Renaissance woman who has discovered how to take her art and the business of her art to the next level.  She will be sharing stunning nuggets of wisdom with us today, which I am sure are only the start of the legacy that will follow this amazing young woman as she follows her calling and creates heirloom pieces for women like her.

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  • Amanda’s personal experience with following her calling despite it feeling scary and hard
  • Discovering a niche by fulfilling a personal desire
  • Creating stunning art and/or experiences
  • Transforming that stunning creation into an heirloom
  • Balancing the fun stuff with the work when building a passion-infused business
  • Confidently setting a price for your product or service

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