For as many women who have become successful entrepreneurs, there are also women who have found themselves in a state of stagnation.  You know the feeling:  Over-working, over-thinking, overwhelmed.  You’re stuck!  Fortunately, my guest for today’s podcast has a formula for getting you out of that mess and back on track to success.

   Meet, Teri Kerr, Empowerment Strategist of The Unstuck Duck Coaching.  Teri is from Victoria, British Columbia, and is an ICF Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University.  She also is a graduate of the Purpose Project and wears many different hats – from hockey mom to cancer survivor.  However, her passion is helping smart, competent women who KNOW what to do but don’t know WHAT to do.

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

  • Where did the name The Unstuck Duck come from?
  • Who gets stuck?
  • Different types of procrastination and how to mitigate each one.
  • Awareness and determining whether the gain is worth the cost.
  • Teri’s gut feeling for the reason behind self-sabotage.
  • Hear a real-life application of creating the experience you want.

Resources and more…

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