This is a REALLY special episode where Susan is sharing with you some of her BEST stuff!!

When it comes to places that cause women entrepreneurs to stumble and feel insecure – it can definitely be when they are making offers.

Susan share the top 4 ways that you can hone in and make a difference in the conversion rates of your sales conversations.  When it comes down to it, you have to:

1. Be Concise – make sure you have NAILED your value proposition and know how to uncover the clients wants and needs so you can efficiently describe how you can help them achieve what they want most with the solutions you offer.  Too many times we get into our comfort zone, talking about what we know best and we lose the interest of the buyer. Don’t drown your customer in detail, rather sprinkle in what you do as you discuss how it fulfills what they WANT the most!

2. Be Compelling – Too often we lose control of our sales conversations because we haven’t brought the leader energy into the room.You need to develop a sales conversation framework that will help you create a compelling conversation and guide your client through as they recognize the value you offer.

3. Be Creative – there is so much noise in the market place today.  Your offers must stand out from the crowd.  How do you develop offerings that make your ideal client go WOW!  That’s an amazing offer, where do I sign?  Think about what is most important to help your client visualize SUCCESS after they invest with you. That’s the start!

4.Be Connected – When you are listening to the inner critic talk “smack” to you, it’s impossible to stay connected to the client who is in front of you at that moment.  The inner critic is actually there to protect you – keep you safe from harm – but that’s not actually how it works. Learning how to avoid being thrown off track by your inner critic is a very specific skill and luckily I have a repeatable process to follow that helps women entrepreneurs reset their sales mindset so that they are selling CLEAN!

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