In this episode of the She Boss Cafe podcast, we welcome Jen Frey, a master-certified life coach specializing in leadership and self-care. 

Jen shares her insights on how to rethink and simplify self-care practices, making them more effective and personalized. 

This framework will help you to create sustainable self-care habits that enhance your well-being and productivity. Jen also discusses the common pitfalls of self-care, such as guilt and societal pressure, and provides practical tips to overcome them.

Key Points:
  • Understand the importance of redefining self-care for your overall well-being
  • Dive into Jen’s REAL self-care framework:
    • Reconnect: Focus on connecting with oneself.
    • Empower: Claiming agency over what can be controlled.
    • Align: Ensuring actions align with personal values.
    • Lead: Leading oneself by following through with commitments.
  • Addressing common self-care pitfalls like guilt and societal pressure.
  • Practical tips for sustainable self-care habits.
  • Importance of enjoying self-care activities without external validation.

Let’s stop being influenced by the $4B self-care industry and use Jen’s REAL self-care framework!  

The workbook that Jen discussed with us during the episode is available by emailing her at info@jenfreycoaching.com

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You can find Jen’s website here: https://www.jenfreycoaching.com/

And follow her on Instagram:  @jen.frey.coaching