Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:

This bonus episode contains a powerful Masterclass that I held last week focused on three important tips to making an adjustment to the way you think about selling for your business.  So many times when I am out speaking or working with new clients, I hear people talk about how much they resist selling.  They know they HAVE to do it, but they just dread it and find themselves procrastinating.

Each person I talk to says that they clearly understand how important selling is to the sustainability of their business.  Yet, there is a deep seeded desire to avoid and procrastinate because of the underlying feelings of fear and inadequacy.

Sound familiar?  This Masterclass is definitely for you!

Listen while I dive into the three key tips to changing your sales mindset:

Tip #1:  Stop selling on sales calls. What??!  Yes, selling in most people’s minds means that they have to push something that may not be wanted upon someone else.  Nope!  You can learn how to adjust that perspective very quickly and never feel pushy or salesy again!

Tip #2: Learn how recognize when you are thinking negatively about sales, and how you can walk through 5 steps to adjust your sales mindset in a way that guarantees better results.

Tip #3: A confused person cannot buy…. Hear how to cut through all of the noise in the marketplace to CLEARLY differentiate yourselves from others and move your ideal client one step closer to becoming a raving fan!

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