In this episode of the She Boss Cafe podcast, Susie Moon from Susie Moon Consulting takes center stage, blending her talents as a stand-up comedian with her expertise as an online business manager. The result? An entertaining and insightful discussion on how to “Make Automation Sexy” for your business.

Insights on Automation: Susie dives headfirst into the world of automation, demystifying it and making it more accessible. She highlights the importance of streamlining your tech stack, eliminating redundancy, and ensuring that your systems work seamlessly.  

Customer Journeys: Susie emphasizes the significance of optimizing the customer journey. She explains how a smooth and efficient customer experience can build trust and credibility. Susie’s approach involves keeping your customers engaged, informed, and delighted throughout their interaction with your brand. 

Connecting with Humor: One of Susie’s unique talents is injecting humor into her business approach. She believes that humor can lighten the mood, make communication more engaging, and create lasting connections. Whether it’s adding a touch of levity to a presentation or connecting with clients through humor, Susie shows how being authentic and relatable can lead to memorable interactions.

This podcast episode is a delightful journey through the realms of automation, customer journeys, and the power of humor in business. By implementing her insights, you can transform your business processes into a seamless and enjoyable experience, leaving your clients and customers thoroughly impressed and engaged. Tune in and learn how to “Make Automation Sexy” with Susie Moon!

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