Have you imagined yourself on the cover of Oprah Magazine, or SHAPE?  Do you want to be the person who is interviewed about your specialty on Good Morning America?  My dream is to be a contributing author in INC magazine!

The truth is that these are VERY achievable goals and on today’s episode, Allie Martin of Fame and Fortune (www.iwantfameandfortune.com) is here to share her insider tips on how to get the attention of producers and editors that will open the doors to media outlets for you.

Allie shares 6 Tips on how to position yourself as invaluable to the people you need to impress. She starts basic, yet with powerful advice about staying authentic and truthful.  She goes on to give 5 more tips that will put you at the top of the stack of applications the decision makers.

But here’s the thing, EVERY tip Allie gives in detail comes down to one overarching theme: Your pitch is NOT about you! The pitch should be well thought out and customized to create a Point of View on how you can solve a problem for the media outlets customers.  The key is to make the booking agents job as easy as possible and make them look good.  If you can sell yourself to this person in that way, the doors will open and you will become a top candidate for all types of media attention.

Listen to Allie closely as she doesn’t just gloss over her tips, she goes into depth in a way that makes this episode very actionable!

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