In this super engaging She Boss Cafe podcast episode, we sit down with the incredible Alison Chandler, a mastermind in brand strategy and design. She’s here to chat about how digging deep into brand archetypes can totally transform your business game. Here’s the lowdown on what we cover:

  • What’s the Deal with Brand Archetypes? Alison breaks down what brand archetypes are all about and why they’re a big deal for your business vibes, drawing inspiration from Carl Jung.
  • Find out why archetypes aren’t just fancy jargon but real tools that add purpose and zing to your work, shaping how you connect with your peeps.
  • Aligning Your Business to your Dominant Archetype: We dive into how figuring out your main archetype can seriously tune up your business alignment, drawing in your ideal crowd and making your brand stand out.
  • Practical Tips and Real Life Stories: Alison spills the beans on how to use your archetype to jazz up your brand, from your words right down to your colors and fonts.Get the lowdown with real-life examples that show how different archetypes play out in the business world, helping you spot your own.
  • Want to find out what your dominant Archetype Is?? Exciting alert! Alison talks about her archetype quiz and upcoming workshops where you can dive deeper and really get your brand in shape.  Here’s the link to take her quiz right now! https://alisonchandler.net/rockstarquiz



Website: https://alisonchandler.net/work-2/

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