I'm totally into helping women succeed

I love sharing my experience, shortcuts, and strategies with women entrepreneurs – and I’d love to help YOU!

You Deserve The Keys, Too!

For 8 years, Fortune 500 companies paid me to uncover the sales skills and processes that brought in the most money for them. When I shared my study results it felt like I was handing over the keys to the kingdom. I was literally able to say to them, “Do these things and you’ll make more money!”

I didn’t want to limit this type of sales intel to only the biggest companies. Why not combine everything I’ve learned over the years into something that would make a difference for women entrepreneurs?

That is how Unstoppable Women in Business was born. I’m passionate about sharing the “keys to the kingdom” with women entrepreneurs so they, too, can be amazingly successful.

Life's Too Short Not To Have Fun

In the past, I was accused (rightfully so) of letting my business swallow me up whole. I was professionally successful and personally drained. No more! I’ve done the work and gotten clear on how to maintain the “Me” that needs to be healthy and whole in order to have professional success. This is why everything I do for this community – for YOU – is focused on both professional and personal success.