I'm totally into helping women succeed

I love sharing my experience, shortcuts, and strategies with small business owners – and I’d love to help YOU!

You deserve The Sales Intel once reserved for the big companies!

Susan’s journey from a successful sales career in Corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur showcases her expertise and passion for helping businesses succeed. With her background in sales leadership and Sales Learning and Enablement, she has accumulated valuable knowledge about the sales skills and processes that generate significant revenue for Fortune 500 companies.


For the past five years, Susan has been dedicated to sharing this valuable sales intelligence with small business owners through her coaching practice, UWIBusiness. Her goal is to level the playing field and provide small businesses with the same access to effective sales strategies that were once only available to larger corporations. By democratizing this knowledge, Susan believes that small businesses can achieve predictable revenue by implementing repeatable skills and processes in a systematic manner.


Susan’s passion stems from the belief that business success is not merely a matter of chance. Instead, it is the result of applying proven sales techniques and strategies consistently. Through UWIBusiness, she aims to empower small business owners by equipping them with the insights and tools necessary to drive their sales and achieve sustainable growth.

Susan Trumpler smiling brightly in a turquoise blouse holding her glasses.

If it's not fun, you shouldn't be doing it.

In the past, I was accused (rightfully so) of letting my business swallow me up whole. I was professionally successful and personally drained. No more! I’ve done the work and gotten clear on how to maintain the “Me” that needs to be healthy and whole in order to have professional success. This is why everything I do for this community – for YOU – is focused on professional and personal fulfillment.