I have considered Amy Porterfield a primary mentor since the start of my online business. I listen to her podcast religiously, I’ve attended her conference and bought her courses. You could say I’m a big fan, but there is one thing I disagree with her on. Today we will talk about what makes you unique and why people are willing to invest their time and money for the solution you offer.

Here’s a peek into what you will hear during this episode:
  • Amy Porterfield is a course creator who helps entrepreneurs launch online courses
  • I was totally engaged with Amy Porterfield’s Podcast Episode #351 after my launch wasn’t as successful as I hoped it would.
  • I am passionate about the topic of getting crystal clear on what makes you unique so you can convey it in messaging.
  • There are three questions your prospective buyer needs to be able to answer in their mind before they say yes to you.
  • People buy a prediction that their problem will be solved by using your solution.
  • They buy based on emotion and then justify with logic.
  • People will buy from you because they trust you. You must be able to show people how they can get from Point A to Point B and how they can overcome challenges along the way.
Resources mentioned in this episode and more . . . 

We went through this topic quickly so I would encourage you to sign up for my Getting to Yes Faster Masterclass. In the masterclass, we dig a little deeper on how you want to communicate the unique value you provide to anyone who is lucky enough to do business with you.